Mehlville District Celebrates Solar Eclipse 2017

Eclipse Excitement Makes For Great Memories
Posted on 08/22/2017

The solar eclipse of 2017 has come and gone, but it will leave forever impressions on the students, staff and parents of the Mehlville School District.  The event caused a lot of excitement but was also a perfect opportunity to create a once in a lifetime science lesson.

“Everything about today was amazing,” said Oakville Elementary principal Dr. Chad Dickemper.  “Our kids were creative, asked questions, engaged in hands on learning, and received the ultimate lesson on a sense of place- place in the community and place within our solar system!”   Point Elementary teacher Jenn Koenig explained, “What an unbelievable experience. Students did a great job following directions and loved witnessing the total eclipse. We noticed how it got darker, we saw our shadows, we heard crickets, we saw a few stars, and the temperature was a bit cooler. What a "totality awesome" day we had celebrating and experiencing our very first total eclipse.

Planning for the August 21st eclipse actually began toward the end of the last school year as science teachers at every school in the District teamed up to create day long lesson plans that explained what an eclipse is and how it happens.  “Not only was it impressive to witness the wonders of this phenomenon, it was also a great day for the entire Rogers community,” said Rogers Elementary Principal Dr. Patrick Keenoy.  “Throughout the day, students were learning about the eclipse and in doing so, were able to put that knowledge into action by having a greater understanding about what was taking place.”

Teachers, parents and volunteers all played a key role in helping create structure and order in a day that had students a bit more excited than usual.  Beasley Elementary principal Andrea Deane said, “I give a special thanks to all of our volunteers. We couldn't have done it without them!”   Bernard Middle assistant principal Lauren Cumming added, “Our 6th Graders were amazed at the sights they witnessed this afternoon. Thank you to all of our dedicated staff and volunteers who made today's activities a success!”  Dr. Keenoy said, “I appreciate all of our parents – both those who were able to attend the event and those who could not, but trusted that we at Rogers are going to do our part to provide a safe and meaningful learning experience for their children.”

The solar eclipse definitely made an impression on all who were a part of it.  As Oakville Elementary’s Dr. Dickemper said, “Years from now, when our students are adults and far removed from these classrooms and hallways, our kids will remember today.”  And, they will also remember that they spent it with friends and teachers in the Mehlville School District.  

To watch an eclipse time lapse video, click HERE.  To watch an eclipse GoPro video click HERE

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